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Swimming Pool Maintenance 101

Swimming Pool Maintenance 101

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Well, it took many more hours to put together than our in-person class used to and required the help of a professional videographer (big shout out to Blueflash Photography for all of their help), but our Pool Maintenance 101 video is now ready!  The video is 90 minutes and covers all the topics you will need to understand in order to maintain your pool from week to week between pool opening and pool closing.


We discuss:

-How the filtration system works

-How to backwash the filter and clean the pump

-How to use the waste setting

-Understanding pool chemistry (Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Chlorine Stabilizer, etc)

-Understanding Salt-based pools and how they relate to traditional chlorine pools

-Discussing issues of Algae, Metals, & Phosphates in the pool

-What chemicals to use and when to use them

-How to check the pool chemistry

-How to add specific chemicals to your pool

-Required maintenance equipment

-How to set up the maintenance equipment for vacuuming

-How a Hayward Salt System works


The whole point of this is to offer you a way to take control of your pool maintenance without wasting hundreds of dollars a year on unnecessary products due to a lack of understanding chemistry. We also highlight the ways you can keep up with the needs of your filtration system so you don't have to schedule costly service trips to address basic problems during the season.


The video can be purchased for $50 (a third of the cost of what our previous in-person class cost) and you can pay via credit or debit card through a secure portal in the link above.  You will create a login so that you can re-watch the video any time you need a refresher in the future, which comes in handy when next spring rolls around and you are out of practice with pool maintenance!


We hope you have a happy and healthy summer enjoying your clean and balanced swimming pool!


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