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  • Cordless

  • 100% Solar-powered

  • Twin SCT Motors

  • UV Resistant Body

  • Ultrasonic Radar Sensors

  • Large easy-clean debris basket

  • 4.7 Star average review online


The Betta SE runs independently from your filtration system,

silently and efficiently cleaning excess debris off the surface of

your pool without clogging skimmer baskets and reducing flow.

The Betta SE - Solar Powered Smart Skimmer


During the 2023 season, we wanted to test out this new product and see if it helped keep pools clean.  After a full summer of use, on a variety of pools in different backyard environments, we observed a noticeable difference in the cleanliness between visits on the swimming pools with the Betta SE.

Traditional bottom-cleaner, corded robots are cumbersome, difficult to clean, and rely on waiting until debris settles before they are effective. 


The Betta eliminates all of the problems with traditional robots.  It is small, lightweight, cordless, solar-powered, simple to empty, and collects debris while it still on the surface, before it settles to the bottom.

During the spring and late-summer in New England, when pools tend to get a lot of tree and yard debris, the Betta is especially helpful in keeping debris from collecting and skimmers from getting clogged.  This allows your filter system to operate at its full potential all season long!

We were so happy with the Betta trial-run, that we went to the 2024 NESPA Trade show this winter with one goal in mind;  To get a great deal on Betta cleaners and pass the savings on to our customers.  We were able to get 20 units at an incredible price and are now able to offer them to our customers for $50 LESS than 2023 pricing.  


We only have 20 units of the Betta SE at this discounted price.  Once that batch is sold out, the price will increase to the regular MSRP.  If you are interested in getting a Betta for this upcoming pool season, just click the "Add a Betta" option when you book your opening.  If you'd like more info on the Betta robotic skimmer, please contact our office.

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