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Pool Closing & Winterization

Winterized Pool

Atlantis Pool Service offers the following comprehensive pool closing and winterization services help protect your pool from freeze damage:

Swimming Pool Closing & Winterization

(General / Standard procedures.  Spa, heater, caretaker, trough, or water feature requires additional steps.)

  • Remove cover from storage and prepare for re-installation on pool

  • Open deck hardware for cover (or fill up waterbags for tarp-style cover)

  • Lower water (if necessary) to proper initial winterizing height

  • Extract and replace deck hardware that is seized (or replace damaged waterbags)

  • Remove ladders and handrails

  • Remove skimmer baskets, skimmer weirs, jet nozzles, and wall fittings

  • Install blowout winterizing blowout gizmos in skimmer(s)

  • Teflon-tape wrap all threaded plugs

  • Setup commercial / high-volume blower

  • Blow all underground lines

  • Cap all inlets and outlets while blowing to ensure complete evacuation of water from lines

  • Check to ensure all plugs and gizmos have an airtight seal and no bubbles are escaping with blower running

  • Airlock main drain / deep water liens

  • Add antifreeze to skimmer line(s)

  • Drain and winterize pump, filter, chlorinator, heater, and any other system components

  • Cover pool and secure with deck hardware (or waterbags)

  • Adjust spring / strap hardware to tighten cover, if necessary


Atlantis Winterguard Program

(Optional winter service to help protect your pool between closing and opening.)

  • Monitor local rainfall amounts from the time your pool is winterized until the risk of freeze damage has passed in late-winter / early spring

  • Drain pool, as necessary, when rainfall has put water level at or above tile line of the pool (up to 3x per winter).

  • Shock pool under the cover once over winter months (regardless of rainfall) to cut down on algae growth and improve water condition at opening.

The descriptions and wording contained on this webpage are exclusively the property of Bryan Mills / Atlantis Pool Service LLC.  Any reproduction or use without the consent of Atlantis Pool Service is strictly prohibited.

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