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Commercial Services


Commercial properties have different needs than residential properties. At Atlantis Pool Service, we service more commercial swimming pools than anyone else in Rhode Island. As a result, we are knowledgeable about State and Federal codes as well as compliance issues.  Allow us to evaluate your facility.  We can streamline the operation to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and eliminate safety concerns and down time.


Trust the team with the most commercial experience to get your swimming pool operating smoothly.

Atlantis Commercial Service Menu

   Evaluation Services

  • Facility Inspection and Evaluation

  • State and Federal Code Compliance

  Spring, Summer, and Fall Services

  • Openings & Startups

  • Closings & Winterization

  • Maintenance & Cleaning Services

  • Filtration System Repair & Upgrades

  • Heater & Heat Pump Installation

  • Loop-Loc Safety Cover Installation

  • Leak Detection

  • Safety Improvements

  • Recreational Items

    Winter Services

  • Project Planning

  • Emergency Services

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