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Variable Speed Pumps

Energy-Efficient Pumps


The pump for your filtration system is the engine that powers your whole pool and is one of the biggest operating costs during the pool season.  Choosing the right pump is critical to ensure your pool operates effectively and the water remains clear without wasting thousands of dollars in electricity over the life of the product.   Over the past decade, traditional pump technology has evolved with the advent of the Variable-Speed (VS) pump.  These pumps are energy-efficient and highly customizable, offering many advantages over traditional fixed-speed pumps. 

Variable-Speed Pump Information:

  • Saving Money – The average pool owner saves between 60% - 80% off of the cost of operating a traditional pump when they switch to a variable-speed model. 

  • Improved Filtration – For years pool owners were locked into buying a pump that was powerful enough to vac the pool, when 99% of the rest of the pump's operation didn't require that much HP.  Pool filters do a MUCH better job of filtering water when it isn't moving as fast through the filter media.  By running a variable speed pump at high speed when vacuuming and at lower speeds for normal operation the filter does a much better job removing particles and saves money in the process.

  • Customization – Traditional pumps are either on full-speed or off.  VS pumps can be programed for many different speeds at many different times of the day to do exactly what you want to have done.  Do you want the skimmers to clean up the surface of the pool when the pump first kicks on in the morning?  We can program the pump to run at high speed for a half an hour when it first turns on.  Do you want your heat pump to kick on mid-morning to mid-afternoon when the ambient temperature is most efficient for heating?  We can program the pump to boost up to the proper speed for your heater to work during those hours.  Do you want your pump to be running, but whisper-quite at dinner time when you are sitting on your back deck?  We can program the pump to run in low speed during the evening.  Whatever programming works best for your pool and how you use it is possible with a variable-speed pump from Atlantis.


  • Longer Life – Traditional pumps use a fan-cooled motor.  VS Pumps use an enclosed motor which limits moisture and other contaminants from entering the housing.  As a result, VS Pumps are not affected by rain and snow as much as traditional models.  VS pump warranties vary on the model, but are typically 2x - 4x longer than those on traditional pumps.

  • Quieter Operation – At lower speeds VS Pumps are whisper quiet.  They are so quiet that pool owners often think the pump is off, when it is actually running!  For situations where the pump is close to the house or to the pool deck area, the difference in the operating noise is amazing.

  • Less Wear & Tear – By running the water through the pumps at a lower speed for most hours of the day, the VS Pump puts less stress on underground pipe and fittings, which can prolong their lifespan.

So, call Atlantis Pool Service and book your Energy-Efficient, Variable-Speed Pump installation today!

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