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Information on our response to the Covid-19 Coronavirus

In response to the current Covid-19 Coronavirus situation, Atlantis Pool Service has implemented a variety of new protocols and procedures.  Our top priority is to keep our staff, your family, and anyone who uses a pool we service safe this season.  We are following all State, Federal, and CDC guidelines as well as a number of industry best-practices.  We are keeping abreast of the situation as it evolves and will adapt our services accordingly throughout the upcoming season. 


We have consulted with the State of Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation and as a service business that does not have face to face interaction with customers or a retail location we are currently able to operate very similar to our normal fashion.  We have implemented the following protocols:

  • Our FacilityWe have installed a hand washing station at our service workshop and are requiring every employee to wash hands when they arrive in the morning and again when they head out to perform service calls.  Additionally, we are staggering start times for every crew to limit contact between crew members each day.

  • Our Vehicles:  We have installed soap and water hand washing stations on every vehicle in our fleet so that crew members can wash their hands between every service call they make. 

  • On Site:  We have supplied every crew with disinfecting spray to be used on any surface that we touch, which a pool owner may need to touch after our visit.  These include (but are not limited to) light switches, equipment electrical switches, pump lids and handles, filter handles, valve handles, circuit breaker switches, timers and door knobs.  Additionally all employees have been supplied with masks to wear for any of the limited situations where they might be required to enter the home.  Lastly, we have instructed all staff to maintain at least 10 feet social-distancing space from any customer on site.

  • Your Responsibilities: 

  1. Your main responsibility is to help us by maintaining the 10 foot social-distancing space from our employees.  Feel free to come outside and ask us questions, as always, but please do so from a safe distance.  If you need more detailed contact than the on site situation can provide, please feel free to call our office for help with any questions you may have. 

  2. We ask that whenever possible, you put any items from inside your house or garage outside so our crew can easily access them.  (However, if an item is too heavy or bulky for you to move, we can certainly do so.)

  3. Should one of our staff need to enter your home for any reason (to reset a circuit breaker, etc) we ask that you open all doors and turn on all lights leading to the area where we need access.  Once doing so, we ask you to move to a different room until we are done.  Once we have exited your home, you can shut all doors and turn off all lights.  This way we can avoid contact between our crew member and any items or persons inside your home.

  • In the Pool:  The CDC has indicated that normal swimming pool filtration and sanitization are sufficient to kill a coronavirus and  that swimming pools are not believed to transmit the disease.  Read the CDC's statement on Covid-19 and swimming pools here.  This year, more than ever, it is important to maintain proper and consistent chemical levels in your pool to ensure bather safety.  If you have any concerns about properly maintaining your pool chemistry we have classes, cleaning services, and weekly chem-only services, to make sure your pool is safe and chemically balanced.

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