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Schedule a Pool Opening



Please fill out the following form to select your preferred week and an alternate week for your swimming pool opening. 

Once again, we are doing tiered pricing for pool openings.  We are offering discounted pricing during the month of April and premium pricing for the months of May and June. 

(The price for opening the 1st week of April is the exact same price as 15 years ago!)

Please note, if you are booking the pool opening plus spring clean-up service, the latest opening week which we anticipate will allow enough time for the pool to be ready by Memorial Day is the week of May 1st - 5th.  So, please select that week or an earlier week if you are planning on having the pool ready for the holiday weekend.

Over the winter we were able to secure high-quality chlorine tablets at a lower price than has been available in recent years.  As a result, we are offering 50# buckets of chlorine tablets at a reduced price (comparable to the prices charged by online / big box retailers but for a higher quality chemical) to our customers with free delivery at the time of their opening.  The normal price for these tablets is $299, but we are offering it at the discounted price of $269 for this early season special.  An option to add delivery of chlorine to your opening is listed below.


We will contact you via email to confirm your opening week.

Opening Service Request

Acknowledgements of swimming pool opening service by Atlantis Pool Service (APS):
1.  I am requesting my preferred and an alternate week for a pool opening, which APS will confirm, if available.  Once confirmed, changes to the opening week may not be possible if the schedule is full.
The specific day of the opening will be determined by APS the week prior and they will notify me by the Friday prior (unless there are extenuating circumstances).  Once the opening schedule is set for a given week any requests to change weeks will incur a $50 change fee.
3.  The time of the opening will not be known until the day of service.  I may call APS anytime after 7:30am on the day of, if an estimated / approximate window of time is needed.
4.  I do not need to be home on the day of the pool opening.
5.  I will ensure that my pool and filtration system are accessible on the day of the opening and that any necessary items (ladders, railings, jet nozzles, baskets, etc) are left out or accessible.  If APS is unable to access the pool or unable to complete the opening due to a lack of access to required items then my opening will be rescheduled for the next available week and additional cha
rges will apply.
6.  I will ensure my cover is free of debris (and pumped dry if it is a solid cover) for the day of the opening.  If the cover requires pumping off or debris removal then an additional charge of up to $100 will apply.
7.  I will ensure that my pool area and pool cover are free from animal / pet droppings.  If not then an additional fee of $100 will apply.
8.  If I have selected just the pool opening service, I understand that no cleanings or chemicals will be provided other than the initial shock treatment at opening.

9.  If I have selected the pool opening plus spring clean-up service, I understand that APS will return several days to a week after the opening (depending on the conditions at opening) for the initial clean-up.  APS will contact me after the first clean-up and all subsequent clean-ups to inquire if I would like additional clean-ups.  The cost for this service will be based on the types (full clean-up or just chemicals), number of trips, and amount of chemicals required.
10.  Prior to my scheduled opening week I will need to provide APS with a credit card to keep on file.  If the opening invoice is not paid by two weeks past the due date APS will attempt to contact me.  If other payment arrangements aren't made at that time, I authorize APS to charge my credit card on file.

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