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Schedule a Pool Closing



Please fill out the following form to select your preferred week and an alternate week for your swimming pool closing and winterization.  Our staff will review your request and reply via email confirming the appointment. 

​Closing prices are the same for every week after Labor Day. 

Any closings performed prior to Labor Day are discounted $50 below regular prices. 

Optional - Atlantis Winterguard Program :

We will monitor the rainfall after your pool is winterized and return to pump down your pool, when necessary, due to water level / freezing temps to help protect pool surfaces and tiles.  Additionally, one shock treatment will be added over the winter (regardless of rainfall) to help curb winter algae growth in the spring. Cost is $200 and includes up to 3 pump downs and 1 shock treatment.

Request an Closing Week

Details of swimming pool closing / winterization service by Atlantis Pool Service (APS):

1.  I am requesting my preferred week (and an alternate week) for my closing, which APS will confirm, if available.
2.  The specific day of the closing will be determined prior to the closing week and APS will notify me of the scheduled day (typically by the Friday prior, unless there are extenuating circumstances).
3.  The time of the closing will not be known until the day of

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