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Schedule a Pool Opening



Please fill out the following form to select your preferred week and an alternate week for your swimming pool opening. 

As was the case last year, we are doing tiered pricing for pool openings.  We are offering discounted pricing during the month of April and premium pricing for the months of May and June.  (The price for opening the first week of April is the exact same price we were charging 15 years ago!) We've also discounted the weekly maintenance pricing during the month of April, so opening early is not only the best value but will allow your pool to be ready sooner for what is looking to be an early and hot summer!


Please note, the latest opening week which we anticipate will allow enough time for your swimming pool to be ready by Memorial Day is the week of May 1st - 5th.  So please select that week or an earlier week if you are planning on having the pool ready for the holiday weekend.

This package will include:

-Pool opening, brushing, & initial shock treatment

-Initial spring cleanups and chemical treatments to get pool, clean, clear and swimmable

-Weekly maintenance trips for the season up until Labor Day weekend

-Chemicals for weekly trips up until Labor Day weekend

-As was the case last year, this package does NOT including cleanings past Labor Day or the swimming pool closing.  A second package will be created over the summer which covers the end of the season once you've selected your closing date.


We will contact you via email to confirm your opening week and provide you with your maintenance package information.

Opening Service Request

Acknowledgements of swimming pool opening service by Atlantis Pool Service (APS):
1.  I am requesting my preferred and an alternate week for a pool opening, which APS will confirm, if available.  Once confirmed, changes to the opening week may not be possible if the schedule is full.
The specific day of the opening will be determined by APS the week prior and they will notify me by the Friday prior (unless there are extenuating circumstances).  Once the opening schedule is set for a given week any requests to change weeks will incur a $50 change fee.
3.  The time of the opening will not be known until the day of service.  I may call APS anytime after 7:30am on the day of, if an estimated / approximate window of time is needed.
4.  I do not need to be home on the day of the pool opening.
5.  I will ensure that my pool and filtration system are accessible on the day of the opening and that any necessary items (ladders, railings, jet nozzles, baskets, etc) are left out or accessible.  If APS is unable to access the pool or unable to complete the opening due to a lack of access to required items then my opening will be rescheduled for the next available week and additional cha
rges will apply.

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