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Please fill out the following form to select your preferred week

and an alternate week for your 2024 swimming pool closing. 


We will put together a final package for your weekly

service after Labor Day weekend and the pool closing. 

This package will include:

-Weekly maintenance trips from Labor Day until your selected closing week

-Chemicals for weekly trips after Labor Day

-Swimming pool closing & winterization

*Any products or services not included in either maintenance package (or previously billed) will be invoiced separately at the end of the season.

Optional - Winter Services :

Option 1 - Atlantis Winterguard - COMPLETE Coverage We will perform a service trip to your pool each month through the winter (November, December, January, and February) to check on the pool, filtration system, and water level.  Excess water will be drained from your pool, as necessary, as well as adjusting the cover or tightening the straps.  Additionally, one shock treatment will be added in December to help curb winter algae growth for the spring. Cost is $350 and includes 4 monthly service trips and shock.

Option 2 - End of year pump-down We will perform ONE service trip to your pool between Thanksgiving and the New Year to drain excess water from the pool, tighten the cover and add shock.

Cost is $175 and includes 1 service trip and shock.

(Additional pump-downs can be requested at the rate of $175 per pumpdown.)


Please fill out and submit this form and we will contact you to confirm your closing week and provide your final package.

Schedule a Pool Closing

Closing Service Request

Acknowledgements of swimming pool closing service by Atlantis Pool Service (APS):
1.  I am requesting my preferred and an alternate week for a pool closing, which APS will confirm, if available.  Once confirmed, changes to the closing week may not be possible if the schedule is full.
2. APS will continue performing weekly maintenance service between Labor Day and my chosen week to close the pool.  The maintenance service, pool closing and winterization, winterguard program (if selected) will be put together in a final package.  Once approved, my credit card on file will be run for this final package.
Any products or services not included in either maintenance package (or previously billed) will be invoiced separately at the end of the season.
4. I understand that the last pool cleaning will occur the week prior to my closing week.  Cleanings are not performed at the closing or on the week the pool is closed.
5.  The specific day of the closing will be determined by APS the week prior and they will notify me by the Friday prior (unless there are extenuating circumstances).  Once the schedule is set for a given week any requests to change weeks will incur a $50 change fee.
6.  The time of the closing will not be known until the day of service.  I may call APS anytime after 7:30am on the day of, if an estimated / approximate window of time is needed.
7.  I do not need to be home on the day of the pool closing.
8.  I will ensure that my pool and filtration system are accessible on the day of the closing and that any necessary items (cover, plugs, gizmos, etc) are left out or accessible.  If APS is unable to access the pool or unable to complete the closing due to a lack of access to required items then my closing will be rescheduled for the next available week and additional charges will apply.

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